The CTE coordinates, facilitates, fosters and supports technology-related and pedagogically-focused initiatives intended to enhance learning. The CTE has two units, the Advanced Learning Technologies Centre (ALTC) and the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE).

The ALTC supports instructors in using new and existing technologies that enhance teaching and learning.

The ALTC manages CNA-Q’s learning management system Desire2Learn (D2L), by providing development, training and support for staff and students to help create an ‘anywhere, anytime’ learning environment. The ALTC also collaborates with other departments and schools to provide advice on and formulate policies around digital learning and CNA-Q’s blended learning initiative. The ALTC team includes the Coordinator, three Instructional Developers, a D2L Administrator, a D2L Helpdesk person, and an AV/IT Specialist.

MISSION: To promote and support CNA-Q’s innovative educational technology strategy, including research in the use of technological devices. As such, the ALTC coordinates, facilitates, fosters and supports technology-related initiatives intended to enhance learning.

The CTE provides leadership in faculty development. It assists instructors in developing innovative and effective teaching strategies and integrating technology into their classroom practice. The CTE supports teaching faculty by providing individual mentoring and further learning opportunities as well as reference and resource material.

To facilitate improved teaching and learning by supporting instructors to foster student success. This is achieved through leadership, research based continuous learning, and community building with faculty members.